Engineering precision and artistic beauty for the revolution of massage – get to know the high-class massage variations going far beyond the traditions, worked out based on our researches, as the combination of our unique massage technique and the application of special natural massage substances.

The National Health Promotion Ltd. was established with the purpose of influencing positively the processes and means of health maintenance at the level of public health. Analysing from client perspectives the different massage technologies present and available on the market, we found that new needs had arisen. These needs required and contributed to the services of Blue Technology to enter the market.

Based on and using our professionals’ experience of long years, furthermore, taking into account the results of our own scientific research as well as those of international ones, we developed three world-wide unique massage technologies.

One of the elements of our technology, being scientifically well-grounded, was subject of a professional publication as well (Magyar epidemiológia 2013. 3-4. szám). These innovative solutions broke up with the conventional techniques. Their main feature lies in the very fact that the line which the practitioner follows with their hands has been worked out with engineering precision, centimetre by centimetre.

Besides this, we went beyond the conventional interpretation of „massage” in the course of the implementation as well, involving in our work the most modern, relevant scientific results, furthermore, attempting to reach artistic beauty in carrying out the massage, in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Based on our physiological and pathophysiological knowledge we looked up those substances which are new and had not been used yet, since they can facilitate the success of the technology.

One of the key to our efficiency lies in applying such natural substances which affect the basic operation of the human organism by way of their natural feature, absorbing 100%, satisfying this way all the needs of our clients and customers.

Due to this technology in the course of our treatments we can exempt the human body (both that of the guest and the masseur) from certain harmful and health-deteriorating effects of the built, physical environment.


The innovative services of the BLUE Technology provide the opportunity to your company in the followings:

  • to obtain competitive advantage on the market
  • to increase your revenue and this way to reach quick return
    (which can mean even 60% profit increase)
  • to increase the number of your clients
  • to improve your clients’ satisfaction

According to our experience our technology goes beyond the possibilities and market trends known so far.